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Statement of purpose – PRIVACY POLICY
This statement’s purpose is to describe the information gathering practices of High Sierra Theatres. We understand that your privacy is important and that all information transmitted over the internet is sensitive and should be treated as such. There is no need to share personal information with us in order to use our website. However, should you choose to do so for the purpose of receiving emailed schedules or to enter contests or other situations where personal information is needed; we have created this privacy policy to explain how we use your information. This policy applies to anyone visiting this website, www.High, and we hope you will take the time to read it in its entirety.

To register to receive emailed schedules or other information via our website, we require that you provide us with your email address, which allows us to email information to you as requested. We may ask, in surveys and other information gathering forms, for your demographic location, age and at times, what films you prefer to see and when. We may collect your Internet Protocol (IP) address and email address when you visit our web site, or when you send us an email request via our webpage. As well, our servers collect usage information for our web site as you browse our pages. This information is anonymous, and helps us to track how our web page is being utilized. No personally identifiable information is transmitted by us in web site usage.

With your permission, we will use your email address to provide you with information on films showing and show times at High Sierra Theatres near you, and for the theatre you so wish to receive schedules for. We will also use your email address to provide you with web site news and to provide information on special events in our theatres. We will not use your email address or any other personal information to market other products to you. We will not share your email address with anyone. At all times, your private information is kept private. We may, however, use personally identifiable information to enforce our rights and those of our affiliates. We may share this information with governmental authorities if required to do so in conjunction with an investigation from government departments. We reserve the right to contact any user of this web site about the visitor’s usage of our web site and its resources, using the contact information provided by the visitor.

All information collected on this web site as described above is retained on servers which are only accessible by employees and/or agents of High Sierra Theatres. We will maintain and upkeep our servers to protect all information held on them and to protect against all misuse of information stored on our servers.

If you wish to stop receiving information from High Sierra Theatres, you may, at any time, send an email to, providing the email address you would like removed from our system. We will promptly process your request, and if you wish to receive information again, you may register again at any time. If you would like to contact us regarding our policies or with any other questions, you may mail us at:

High Sierra Theatres
127 Carson Valley Way 
Santa Fe, NM 87508

Or you may reach us via phone at: (505) 983-6527
We reserve the right to change and/or modify this policy at any time. In order to continue using our website, please check back periodically for information concerning any changes to our policies.

Updated: May 5, 2013