ReOpening Regulations

WASH YOUR HANDS: All team members must properly and frequently wash their hands at a minimum of once every hour. Hands must be washed between each change of gloves. We advise all of our guests to frequently and thoroughly wash their hands while refraining from touching their face.

DISINFECT HIGH-CONTACT SURFACES: High-contact surfaces (door handles, counter tops, faucets, kiosks, railings, etc.) will be wiped down with a medical-grade sanitizing agent at a minimum of once every 30 minutes. We will also maintain nightly deep cleaning of all auditoriums, bathrooms and high-traffic areas.

SAFE SOCIAL-DISTANCING: All team members and guests must practice and maintain appropriate physical distancing as recommended by the CDC and local health authorities.

REMAIN AT HOME IF YOU ARE SICK: All team members will be screened and have to give a verbal disclosure they are not sick and have not been in close contact with anyone experiencing signs of sickness.

WEAR PROPER PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: All team members must wear the required protective equipment and adhere to all CDC recommended standards of use of such equipment at all times.

FACE COVERINGS: Face masks are currently optional in common areas such as lobby, hallways and restrooms. If social distancing cannot be maintained, we reserve the right to make them mandatory. If made mandatory, they may be removed when eating, drinking or seated for your movie. 

These questions will be asked of all guests and employees before entering the theater:

Within the past 14 days have you, or anyone you have been in close contact with, experienced any symptoms of illness such as fever, chills, dry cough, shortness of breath or sore throat? (If yes, you will not be allowed in the theater)

Team members have been trained in proper food-handling protocols in order to reduce person to person contact.